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X ABIL Conference

7th-8th of September 2023: University College Cork (Ireland)
Welcome to the 10th Association of British and Irish Lusitanists Conference!
The Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College Cork is honoured to host the 2023 edition of ABIL [Association of British and Irish Lusitanists] Conference. We are happy to announce that the conference will be taking place on a face-to-face basis. The event will include three keynote lectures, seminar sessions and the 2023 ABIL meeting. The keynote sessions will be live streamed here.

UCC is pioneer in Ireland in the promotion of teaching and research initiatives related to Portuguese. In 2020, we launched a new BA Programme on Portuguese Studies. This initiative aims at expanding and decentring knowledge production about Portuguese at a global level. Find out more about our BA Programme here.

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